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Who uses it?

People with small claims disputes

What's it for?

Online legal dispute resolution for small claims

What Startstage is doing?

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Simplifying lawsuits

Zeyo is a startup that takes what is usually a complex, unknown to most, analog system and puts it all online. With Zeyo, we simplified the process to file a lawsuit and engage with other people to resolve it.

Where we began

We started working with Zeyo in the first pitch phase to investors. Pitch decks were first ironed out with story and initial mockups to give the product some weight and to materialize some ideas on how the product would work.

The pitch decks are always a good chance to get look and feel discussions started with key stakeholders; where the discussions on target markets are also happening. With all of this revolving and changing, it is great to have a designer at the table.


"The team beat deadlines to deliver web solutions and branding materials that exceeded client expectations. This accommodating partner can incorporate feedback during the design process to ensure satisfaction with the final products."

— Liam Stanton, Co-founder & CEO, Zeyo

Branding for Zeyo

The Zeyo brand identity is approachable, confident and trustworthy. It makes room for itself in the historic legal space while pushing a contemporary edge. The Zeyo marks' geometric qualities point to Zeyo's neutral point of view as an impartial legal authority.

Full Signatures

A little bit of old and a little bit of new. We custom drew a set of 3 marks to use in different scenarios. There is the logotype, scale, and seal. Our set marks allows us to be flexible for the many touch-points our brand comes across in.

Zeyo Logo Horizontal
Zeyo Logotype
Zeyo Logo Vertical
Zeyo Logo Vertical
Primary Logotype

The logotype forms a full signature with the scale. The logotype isn't to be used with the seal, because the seal has the Zeyo name in it.

Zeyo Logotype
Zeyo Logotype
Zeyo Logotype
Zeyo Logotype
Zeyo Logotype
Zeyo Logotype
Symbols & Seals

The scale and seal both have two alternate versions. The scale is to be used in less formal settings, while the seal is for formal documents and correspondence.

Zeyo SymbolZeyo SymbolZeyo SymbolZeyo SymbolZeyo SymbolZeyo Symbol
Zeyo Seal Court of ArbitrationZeyo Seal Court of ArbitrationZeyo Seal Court of Arbitration
Zeyo Seal Court on DemandZeyo Seal Court on DemandZeyo Seal Court on Demand
Zeyo Seal Court on Demand
Zeyo Horizontal Logo ClearspaceZeyo Vertical Logo Clearspace
Zeyo startups business card designZeyo startup billboard advertising design
Zeyo startup growth marketing ebook designZeyo startup marketing and brand designZeyo startup branding with marketing court documents

Product Design

While branding the company we seamlessly started working on the product design for the web application. At this point, we were starting from scratch. Our objective was to design a minimum viable product. We started by asking business and customer focused questions to develop a product roadmap and strategy for design and development.

userflow diagram for product design on minimum viable product
Userflow design

Mapping out all the existing thoughts in the beginning of the design process on how the project works helped the everyone involved see how everything connects. This is where we demystify most of the unknown of the product and resolve problems.

web product design for startup

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