Retail Advisors and Broker/Dealers

Who uses it?

Large investment firms

What's it for?

Investment and Financial Planning

What did Startstage do?

UX Design
User testing/interviews
UX Content
Visual Design
Userflow/workflow design


In progress


UX for two products

I'm the UX designer for Goal Bridge and Investment Planning tool, which is a part of Advisor Workstation.


The future for digital products in the financial services industry is making it easier for people to take control of their future.

The learning curve has been decreased in understanding investing and retirement with the advance a ton of mainstream digital products.


Goal Bridge is an end-to-end goal planning product for advisors to walk through with their clients. Once goal plans are set, we dig into Investment Planning to meet their goals based on investment allocation and risk tolerance.

User flows

In the Agile framework, I start every design sprint with some discovery research to get feedback from my senior stakeholders. We discuss our primary action on each page and how this data will change other parts of the product. Knowing how our products work as a flow is crucial.

Goal Bridge eroduct designGoal Bridge eroduct design
Planning and feedback

Asking questions and identifying where pieces are coming from clarifies our design objective.

Investment planning project description
Wireframes coming to life

A visual designer and I work through wireframes of the flow, and then apply the latest design and accessibility standards.

Zeyo Horizontal Logo ClearspaceZeyo Vertical Logo Clearspace
FinaMetrica design for risk tolerance in investment planning

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