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To discover and plan design awards

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A List of Awards

Where do we submit our work?

This was a question we were often asking ourselves. As designers, we create a lot of visual assets for very different design projects. There wasn't a resource out there that compiled and sorted design competitions for us to easily find the next available opportunity to submit our work — so we set out to create one.

Where we began

Research was the first step. We created a spreadsheet of every design award we could find including details on each on. We wanted to make it easy for people to search for the type of work they do in the end product so we had to make this research as detailed as possible for each competition.

Once the research was done we moved all the details, such as categories, URLs, prices, deadline dates, and descriptions of each award into a custom made CMS. Once our information was in a CMS we could work with all the data and design with it.

Web design

The design of the site is meant to be minimal. The only objective is to get people to where they want to be as quickly and efficiently as possible. We also wanted to communicate clearly with the amount of data we have on competitions. We did this through information hierarchy. website design for startup showing home mobile website design showing homepage

We chose a contemporary typeface with a little bit of flair. Our goal to communicate clearly was a key reason for our choice in typefamily. website design for startup

One challenge we experienced with this site was determining the right pages to create with the data we had. We found through experience and questioning that the Upcoming page, listing upcoming competitions, was the more important because people usually will come back to the site to view what competitions are next. mobile website design for startup

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