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"As a venture fund focused on early-stage companies, we have relied on Startstage to devise branding strategies from the ground-up and revise existing brands. Colin has consistently excelled in collaboratively crafting appropriate and impactful design on behalf of our portfolio companies — regardless of industry or product category."

— David Spielfogel, Managing Partner, Ekistic Ventures

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What was once a one-person, Colin King's, creative agency is now his growing portfolio of digital product design.

Goal Bridge visual design
Morningstar UX design
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Zeyo startup branding design
Zeyo startup branding design
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Early-stage design

Where do you find yourself in the adventure? Here's where we come in.


Identifying who you are is crucial. Starting brand design early guides the company and product roadmap in extraordinary ways.

Product Market-fit

Use growth marketing to position yourself as a leader in meaningful distribution channels to prove market-fit.


Launch with a product roadmap, and listen to the community. Change what needs to be changed and validate ideas.


Minimum viable product (MVP) or not, there are always things to iterate on with a product.


Let's get it in front of users to listen to their feedback and implement changes.


We create high-fidelity prototypes for the whole team to get their heads around ideas and functional elements.


We can help you craft a persuasive pitch deck so you can look great for every investor meeting.

Shooting star

When a good idea hits, we're here to help ask the tough questions.


Picking the first word of your story is difficult. Choosing a great one will help you grow by engaging people faster.

Investing in design

"Colin’s expertise and quality work product is invaluable for our needs as a small non-profit organization. He is a pleasure to work with and a true professional. Colin is incredibly responsive, and his attention to detail allows us to spend less time on minutiae and more on achieving our mission."

— Dena Weiss, Chief of Staff, Secure Community Network
Crimescape startup product design
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